Get Gladiolus Flower Name In Marathi Images

Get Gladiolus Flower Name In Marathi
. List of names of flowers in marathi. All lessons from this blog and more are available there.

Gardenia Ananta Gandhraj
Gardenia Ananta Gandhraj from
In latin gladiolus means little sword. Learn more about their meaning, history and different colors. Bold, colorful blooms and a seemingly endless array of colors make gladiolus a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and gardens.

The gladiolus is also the flower for the 40th wedding anniversary because of its dual meaning of infatuation and integrity.

Pink flowers, red flowers and white flowers are very common. She knows a lot about different plants. The name comes from the latin gladiolus, which means small sword, referring to the shape of the leaves. Gladiolus flowers mean sincerity and strength of character.

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